Consensum AS | Safety Secure diving
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Consensum develop, maintain and commercialize security products within the diving industry!

The goal is to enter the market with its own patents with different business channels that can be delivered to cover a world wide demand.

Consensum aims a speed to market strategy that has the greatest potential of saving lives and increase peoples quality of life

“Intelligent Diving®” products 

The “Intelligent Diving®” concept means diving with maximum safety, without any restriction. Simply dive as you always have, but now much safer. Diving without breathing or having air means that you are at the wrong place at the wrong time. Air is life and everything else is secondary. Air is always found at the surface.

Since 2003, CONSENSUM has been researching, testing and patenting various products. In order to be able to bring such products to the market, the Company has teamed up with worldwide experts and multinational corporations.


Due to the long term perspective on DIVO a DIVO Air version will support the out of air solution. This might be the first product to the market supporting the full version of DIVO.

A first mover advantage with innovative and competitive products

• High quality engineering

• High market demand and need

• Robust product pipeline and strong intellectual property

• Established strategic partnership with Bosch. 10 year production contract

• Distribution with a major scuba diving equipment player

• Strong support from PADI & DAN

• Experienced and dedicated management team

• High strategic value for an industry player and investor

• Lean cost structure and high profitability

DIVO Full Version

If the diver stops breathing, or the tank is empty, DIVO™ automatically returns the diver to the surface. Contrary to a car airbag, the automatic inflation is gradual. In the eventuality the diver regains control, he can override the device by pressing the deflation button. This resets DIVO™ to its initial state.

Breathing guard – monitors the diver’s breathing activity by sensing what happens in between the first and the second stage devices. Failure to breathe over an extended time will trigger DIVO™ to surface the diver automatically.

Out‐of‐air guard – monitors the diver’s tank pressure. DIVO™ uses the very last air in the tank to surface the diver automatically.

DIVO™ is totally mechanical and fully automated with self‐check functions. When the diver connects DIVO™ and opens the tank pressure at the surface, DIVO™ is in standby mode. When the diver then drops below the surface, DIVO™ turns itself on and activates the Breathing Guard. It turns itself back to a standby mode when the diver returns to the surface. The out‐of‐air guard is however always active, sensing a low tank pressure.

DIVO™ is compatible with any brand and equipment


One major problem in diving is regulator freezing. That means that the regulator will freeflow and the tank with breathing gas will quickly be drained. CONSENSUM 1st Stage is being devolped to counter this.

This information is under the program of Innovasjon Norge ( Innovation Norway, state sponsored programme). Officially patents are to be applied and more information at this stage is classified in order to get ready for Proof of Concept.

Consensum AS is a company that with limited resources have a portfolio of products that in its team of partners will follow up closely.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the company